slider01We are proud to announce that Animal Health Center is welcoming a new addition to our team! Please join us in welcoming Dr. Emily Darch, who we are certain will be a great addition to our staff. Please feel free to say hello and meet her next time you are visiting us. She will be working full time and covering emergencies in rotation with Dr. McCoy and Dr. Kelley.

Here’s a little bit more about Dr. Darch in her own words:

“I developed a passion for veterinary medicine at a young age through my father’s practice and have been fortunate to develop that into my career. My lifelong involvement in a family practice, starting as a rural one doctor mixed practice that grew into a multi-doctor exclusive small animal practice, has given me a lot of exposure to all aspects of this career. Throughout the years, I have progressed through all phases of jobs in the clinic. I began with cleaning and stocking, later added the jobs of receptionist and assisting veterinarians, developed knowledge to manage, and then finally became a full time veterinarian. Working in all of these positions I understand first hand all aspects of a successful clinic and work well as a team player. Over the years, I have played a prominent role in helping build a successful practice and understand what it takes to provide quality service and medicine as well as run a successful business.

My main areas of professional interest include wellness medicine and soft tissue surgery. I strongly believe that animals benefit human health and well being. I feel that everyone should have the privilege of experiencing the unconditional love and companionship of a pet. I enjoy and strive to help owners properly care for their pets and ensure the relationship of the human ­animal bond is pleasant for both the owners and animals.

My goal is to become an active member of the community and a highly respected veterinarian that is an asset to a practice, the clients, and the patients it serves. A few of my personal strengths include a positive attitude, a strong motivation to learn, great communication skills, and an emphasis on quality patient care. My curiosity to find answers, my desire to bring new ideas, and my willingness to learn from those around me will allow me to easily adapt and contribute to a new practice. I am a fun, team oriented individual that enjoys practice and conveys that to the staff and clients, while understanding the integral business operations needed for today’s successful practice. As a veterinary associate, I am confident that I would become an integral part of a practice and will be able to provide high quality care. I am looking forward to joining a new community in which I can become involved and provide for, as well as, develop a name for myself as an excellent practitioner.”

Dr. Darch spends her free time riding horses, hiking, camping, playing tennis, cooking, gardening, working on the family farm making hay, and water skiing.